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Nantong Yishang Sponge Products Co., Ltd. Since 2007

Nantong Yishang Sponge Products Co., LTD., founded on May 27, 2013, is an industry and trade enterprise specializing in producing memory cotton series products. OEM/ODM Cervical Pillows Manufacturers and Neck Support Pillows Suppliers and Factory in China.
At present, it has 2 injection molding lines, 4 ordinary foaming machines, 27 processing equipment, more than 70 workers, a daily output of 20,000, and an annual turnover of more than 20 million.
Factory area of 20000 square meters, the total number of employees of about 50 people, with 8 patent designs, 4 intellectual property rights, support labeling, foreign trade orders, map processing, and sample processing. Supply Custom Cervical Neck Pillows. "Your satisfaction is easy to pursue; Your needs, easy people's goals."
The company has muscular technical strength and production capacity, Nantong Yishang Sponge Products Co., Ltd. all staff warmly welcome your visit and patronage!
Nantong Yishang Sponge Products Co., Ltd.

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Why we need Cervical Pillows, especially who are suffering from chronic neck pain?

Cervical Pillows are pillows with orthopaedic benefits designed to help the neck and spine linked to the cervical bones. The shape of the pillow allows to preserve a herbal cervical curve while napping or mendacity down which in turn will prevent forceful bends inside the neck and back, supporting alleviate pain from horrific sleep posture and improve comfort throughout resting times. This kind of pillow can be utilized by those who are affected by chronic neck pain, or for folks who clearly need to make sure that they're retaining a healthy sound asleep posture.

The maximum commonplace sort of cervical pillow is a shaped pillow with a better vicinity where one’s head goes and a dip or basin on the opposite side where the neck will relaxation. The pillow's design is supposed to comply with the herbal curve of the neck and assist stretch this vicinity of the spinal column to relieve ache and stiffness. It can also aid in assuaging issues including herniated discs. Often, those styles of pillows are made from reminiscence foam or other substances that provide a variety of pliability which will circulate with the head all through sleep.

While those sorts of Neck Support Pillows do provide a brilliant deal of remedy, it's miles important to bear in mind that neck pain can also be resulting from other elements, which include the way one sleeps or the quantity of display time a person has for the duration of the day. For example, if someone is continuously tilting their neck ahead to have a look at their computer or smart telephone it can cause quite a few anxiety and pain inside the neck. It is first-class to keep away from this form of conduct, especially if it's been completed for a long period of time, to help preserve the neck wholesome.

When it involves deciding on the right cervical pillow, it is vital to pick one as a way to be able to bend and circulate with the neck and head at some stage in sleep. Pillows which might be too inflexible or deep might not be capable of do this, so it's miles satisfactory to attempt out several special pillows till the right one is located. It is likewise critical to do not forget the peak of the Cervical Neck Pillows, as some humans decide upon a lower or a higher pillow. It is usually recommended to try out distinct sizes and styles of filling, as well. The best cervical pillow will provide the right combination of flexibleness and top for each person. Those who are stricken by neck ache should virtually provide those pillows a attempt to see if they can help relieve the pain and stiffness related to it. If now not, different treatments along with massages or physical remedy are also an choice. However, these have to be mixed with using a cervical pillow to make sure that the neck is nicely stretched and maintained. Eventually, the cervical pillow will become 2d nature and it may be used as a device to keep the neck wholesome and strong.